Thursday, March 7, 2013

Don Bradley

LDS scholar Don Bradley has an interesting story to tell. His studies of the history of the Church led him out of the Church into atheism and back again. He is now working as one of the editors for the Joseph Smith Papers Project and is finishing up a masters degree in history at Utah State University. Currently, he is working on a book about the lost 116 pages of the Book of Mormon and from what he has spoken about regarding his research the book sounds as though it will be a fascinating read.

Several months ago he sat down for a lengthy interview with the Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research (FAIR). The interview is long but is well worth listening to. It can be downloaded here or on iTunes by subscribing to FAIR's podcast.

Last summer the Salt Lake Tribune ran a story featuring Bradley. The story briefly relates his journey out of the Church and how he found his way back in, but leaves out a lot of the information the FAIR interview covers. The article can be viewed by clicking here.

At the 2012 FAIR conference he delivered a talk entitled "Piercing the Veil: Temple Worship in the Lost 116 Pages." Read his address here.

Lastly, his Sunstone Symposium address can be listened to here.


  1. Thanks, Matt, for sharing those links to my interviews and talk!


    1. You're welcome Don! I'm really looking forward to the book, thanks for the comments.