Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Joseph typified Jesus Christ

Currently in my scripture studies I am slowly making my way through the book of Genesis. I have reached Genesis 42 and have found some notes that I took while studying in the Holy Land. My Old Testament teacher's name was Calvin Stephens and he was an inspired teacher. He made a great contribution to experience there. This list comes from him:

Joseph typified Jesus Christ
  1. Both were favored sons of their fathers.
  2. Both were rejected by the Israelites.
  3. Both were sold into the hands of gentiles.
  4. Judah proposed the sale of Joseph. Judas (Greek for Judah) sold Jesus.
  5. Both were sold for the price of a slave in their respective eras.
  6. In thier attempt to destroy Joseph they unknowlingly set up the conditions that would bring their temporal salvation. Those responsible for the death of Jesus also unknowingly helped set up the conditions that would bring about their salvation.
  7. Joseph began his labors for preparing for the salvation of Israel and Jesus began his mortal ministry at the age of 30.
  8. When Joseph was raised to his exalted position in Egypt all bowed the knee before him. All will eventually bow the knee to Jesus.
  9. Joseph provided temporal bread to Israel. Jesus (the Bread of Life) provides spiritual bread to Israel.

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